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Building and managing the online presence and digital marketing advertising for

Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Independent Living settings and CCRC's.

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“Half my advertising spend is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

John Wanamaker

With over 20+ years of long-term care, Senior Living experience,

SLiM has the industry knowledge aligned with the technical ability that understand what digital marketing tools work, and what digital marketing tools don't work when advertising online for Senior Living services and Senior Living Employees.

We ensure that your company gets the online reputation and advertising that you expect, as well as providing results and referrals to your organization.

Why SLiM?

  1. Knowledge and experience in the Senior Living industry

  2. Knowledge and experience in the Digital Marketing industry

  3. Innovative software and tools

  4. Specialized focus on Senior Living services

Thanks to our experience in Senior Living, we know what you expect, and we've put together different plans tailored to meet digital marketing needs and go beyond your expectations.

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Services and Pricing

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DIY (CRM) Platform

$349 Month

-Use Senior Living customized services for CRM follow up

-You manage content, advertising and ad spend.


Employee Gold Plan #1

$649 Month

-Social Media Advertising

-Google Advertising

-Email List Building

-Weekly Reporting


Census Gold Plan #2

$649 Month

-Social Media Advertising

-Google Advertising

-Email List Building

-Weekly Reporting


Platinum Plan

Starting at $1499 Month

-1 & 2 Gold Ad Plans

+Optimize Online Presence

+Email Marketing

+Referral List



Custom Plans

-Platinum Plan


+Advanced Advertising Spend

+Website Creation and Maintenance

Our Mission

At Senior Living Innovative Marketing, we strive to become the #1 leader in creating online business presence and providing digital advertising services for Senior Living facilities in the United States.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every Senior Living Facility deserves to tell it's story and provide potential customers and potential employees a snapshot of

what they can expect by utilizing services or becoming a part of a

Senior Living facility team.

Our Promise

We promise to provide local digital engagement, leads and referrals appropriate to your Senior Living setting. The internet is a powerful tool that we use to represent your company and services to the

highest extent possible.

The SLiM Blog

Independent Living Couple

Embracing Independence: Effective Marketing

October 12, 20232 min read


Independent living senior apartments offer a vibrant, community-oriented lifestyle tailored for active seniors seeking freedom, convenience, and social engagement. In a rapidly evolving senior housing market, it is crucial for senior apartment complexes to implement innovative marketing strategies to connect with their target audience effectively. This blog post explores key marketing techniques designed to highlight the unique benefits of independent living senior apartments in the United States.

Embracing Independence: Marketing for Independent Living Businesses

Understanding the Independent Seniors

Independent seniors are a diverse group with varied interests, preferences, and lifestyles. Understanding their desires for autonomy, social connection, and hassle-free living is essential in crafting a compelling marketing strategy.

Digital Presence and Engagement

Interactive Website: Create an interactive website that is easy to navigate and provides comprehensive information about the apartments, amenities, community activities, and nearby attractions. Include high-quality images and virtual tours to give potential residents a clear vision of their future home.

Social Media Presence: Utilize social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to engage with potential residents. Share photos and stories of current residents enjoying community events, excursions, and other activities. Encourage resident testimonials to build credibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Optimize your website for relevant keywords related to senior living and apartment communities. Utilize localized keywords to target potential residents in your area. Regularly update your blog with articles about senior living, health, and lifestyle to improve your search engine rankings.

Building Trust and Credibility

Transparency and Open Communication: Be transparent about pricing, floor plans, services, and community rules. Foster open communication with potential residents and their families, addressing their concerns promptly and professionally.

Community Involvement: Showcase your community’s involvement in local events, charities, and initiatives. Highlighting your commitment to the broader community reinforces trust and portrays your senior apartments as socially responsible.

Community Engagement

Social Activities: Emphasize the variety of social activities and clubs available within the community. Highlight events like fitness classes, game nights, art workshops, and outings to local attractions. These activities create a sense of belonging and appeal to social seniors.

Guest Events: Host open houses, brunches, or themed events inviting potential residents to experience the community firsthand. These events provide an opportunity for seniors to meet current residents, staff, and management, fostering a sense of community.


Marketing senior apartments is about more than just filling vacancies; it's about enriching lives and providing a community where seniors can thrive independently. By investing in a robust online presence, building trust through transparency and community involvement, and engaging with potential residents in meaningful ways, senior apartments can create a compelling narrative that resonates with active seniors and their families. Remember, the essence of successful marketing for independent living senior apartments lies in creating an environment where residents not only live but truly belong.

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